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get into the casino

Maybe most of us have heard about casino, and understand that casino is a legally gambling house (venue). Famous casino places in the world are in Las Vegas (America), Genting (Malaysia), Macau (Hong Kong), and several other places in the world that are less well known by the general public. Below, I will share my experience at several Asian casinos. Check it out!

A Little Story About The Casino in Indonesia

Indonesia once had a casino in Jakarta, precisely in the Djakarta Theater Building – the XXI Jakarta Theater now, under Governor Ali Sadikin. At that time, Ali frankly said that Jakarta’s development was funded by gambling, including from casinos. Alleyways in Jakarta called MHT (Mohammad Husni Thamrin) are made with money from gambling. So when the public protested against gambling, Mr. Ali said not to go there because it was financed from gambling.

The casino in Jakarta at that time was only intended for non-native citizens and foreigners. Indigenous people are prohibited from entering. Even non-natives, if their skin is a bit dark, sometimes they are prohibited from entering by officers. That’s the story of people who experienced that period.

The Experience of Getting into a Casino

Although not rich people – even tend to be poor – at least three times I entered the casino. The first was in 1994, when I became a journalist who entered the Indonesian delegation at the Asia Pacific Film Festival (FFAP) in Sydney, Australia.

1. Casino at China Town area (Sidney, Australia)

Outside the festival agenda, especially at night, we delegates usually look for entertainment venues in Sydney. In addition to seeing striptease performances at King Cross, we were also invited to enter a casino located in the China Town area.

At that time entering the casino was a new experience. Instead of playing, seeing the jackpot machine firsthand just the first time. I remember when the casino in China Town Sydney was not too big. The atmosphere inside is rather narrow. Just a little while there, we went out again. Frankly, even if I had money, I wouldn’t know how to gamble in a casino.

2. The Venezian in Taipa, Macau (Hongkong)

The Venetian casino in macau

In 2015 I had the opportunity to take part in film activities in Hong Kong. From Hong Kong, me and three friends – two film producers – crossed to Macau by ferry. Arriving at the port of Macau we were picked up in two luxury cars, Velfire. Two producer friends were in one car, and I was with another friend in another car.

From the port of Macau we were immediately taken to The Venezian Hotel in Taipa, the new area of ​​Macau. At The Venezian, we are taken into a luxurious lounge for drinks. After that a friend of the producer left the three of us. “We will meet at the food court tonight,” he said.

I didn’t know where he was going and what he was going to do. It seems he has influence in The Venezian. We then headed to the room that was booked in 9th floor to put our luggage. We got a large suite room that had 3 single beds. The rooms are luxurious and artistic. After showering, we went to the food court.

Foodcourt at The Venezian is huge. The ceiling of the fiber is pictured like a cloud. When you are in that place as if we were in an open space. “This is so gamblers feel the day continues, so he will not stop gambling before the money runs out,” said the producer, laughing.

The Venezian is a very large hotel. At the bottom there are shops and restaurants, and an artificial river filled with gondolas that can be climbed. Tourists can “sail” on the artificial river with a gondola while listening to songs in Italian sung by a gondola driver in Venice, Italy.

In the middle of the shops is the Venezian casino. Shops and restaurants surround him. Said a friend of the producer again, if you win in the casino you can immediately shop and eat well. But if you lose, just sleep on a wooden chair in the hallway leading to the casino door.

In those chairs I did see many people who slept or sat around all day with shabby faces. They are losers who gamble in casinos.

Macau is a gambling city. All hotels in Macau have casinos and other entertainment venues, both in Taipa or in the Old City where there are Portuguese heritage buildings. One of them is the famous ruins of the church of St. The Ruin of St. Paul Paul.

The second day in Macau we went to the Old City by taxi. The Old City is located on a different island connected by a very long bridge, De Amizade in the East and De Sai Van in the West. The old city itself is connected with mainland China.

Just like in Taipa, in Old Macau there are also some old casinos. Old films have been filmed here, including the Indonesian film “Jahoma – Jakarta Hongkong Macau”, starring Ratno Timoer in 1968.

In the Old City we only visited the rest of the church of St. Paul is the only one left in the front. The church was founded in 1602-1640 and became part of St Paul’s Collegea burned down in 1835. In order not to collapse, the back side of the remaining building is supported by iron.

Apart from circling around the church, we did not go anywhere in the old city. After taking pictures on several sides we went home by taxi in front of the famous Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino.
We arrived late at The Venezian. When we arrived at The Venezian, it was being sprinkled with exquisite light emitted from a projector-like device. Light forms images and colors that alternate on the hotel walls. The large hotel walls are covered in a play of beautiful pictures and colors.

There are no other activities that we do in Macau other than watching television in the room, touring the shops in The Venezian just to look around or eat at the food court.

Playing Roulette

On the second night, a roommate invited to enter the casino. “Let’s play roulette. I have an application that can guess the numbers that will come out of every round of roulette,” he said while pointing out the roulette gambling on his cellphone.

“What do you mean?” ask me.

“For example, if the needle is now exactly nine, the next round can be predicted to stop at what number!” he answered convincingly.

“Okay, I will provide 500 HK dollars. We are joint venture!” challenge me.

He agrees. Each of us provides 500 HK dollars for “gambling”.

Casino The Venezian is a very large casino, almost as large as a football field. Thousands of people passing by to gamble. Hundreds of neat uniformed employees are ready to serve. Mineral drinks are provided free of charge, just take as you wish.

With 1000 HK dollars, we bought coins in exchange for gambling. As agreed, we chose roulette gambling. We look first at what number the needle sticks. After finding out, a friend opens his gambling app on his cell phone. Apparently, the appearance of the answer in the application is longer than the roulette rotation on the table.

I am very worried that our actions will be discovered. Understandably the CCTV cameras in the casino line up like snakes. Finally I asked a friend to hang up his cellphone. That night we lost 1000 HK dollars (then about 1 million Rupiah), in less than 15 minutes!

We decided to stop, then go round and round to see the different types of games in the casino. Aside from being afraid of losing, the money we carry is just barely enough! The experience at The Venezian taught me that Rp. 1 million is just like a grain of sand in a casino!

3. Sky Casino in Genting Highlands, Malaysia

sky casino genting highland

I got another chance to enter the casino mid-2017 yesterday. While managing work in Kuala Lumpur, me and a senior film actor friend, took the time to go to Genting Highland. From Kuala Lumpur, precisely from where our hotel is located, namely KL Sentral, to Genting there is a direct inter-city bus. The fare is 10 RM (Malaysian Ringgit) or around IDR 30,000.

Genting Highland is located in the still beautiful mountains of Titiwangsa. The Genting Casino is located at the top, inside the First World Hotel which has 5 thousand rooms. To reach that place, from the bus terminal is provided a large gondola that can fit 6 adults. From the bus terminal to First World Hotel, passes beautiful scenery. The road snakes below, beautiful forest and the famous Chin Swee Pagoda.

Arriving at the First World Hotel, we were picked up by a friend who had lived there for two years! How he could stay in a hotel for two years, had a very interesting story, because that friend was also not a rich man. Only very rich people (conglomerates) can stay 2 years in Genting!

By this friend I was asked to enter the queue that led to a reception desk. I was asked to prepare a passport. There are three young peoples wearing similar suits who serve people who are waiting in line. I arrived in front of the young man serving the queue.

I submitted the requested passport. He entered the data and photographed me with a camera on the table, like a camera on the immigration table. Not long after he handed me my passport and an ATM card the size of my ATM card.

“This is a member card at the Genting casino. Here we have a 20 ringgit deposit which we have to play at the casino tonight. Members in Genting also get free hotel room facilities. But in this holiday season it is difficult to get a room. All rooms are full!” said the friend who picked up.

Entering The Casino

inside sky casino

That night we were sleeping in his room. We didn’t take a shower because the air in Genting was very cold. The scenery outside was covered in thick fog. We find food, then enter the casino. I was taught by a friend who picked me up how to play. ATM-like cards given at the reception desk are inserted into the machine.

The machine will then read how much deposit we have. Then in every game we can bet money depending on our will. I just watched. That friend is playing. Apparently in his hand, the free deposit given by the casino increased to 100 RM.

“It’s better if we stop first. If we lust, our money will be eaten again by him! The tail is because we are curious about the money in our wallet!” said the friend. I just followed it. The night was over with an introduction to Genting Casino.

Oh yeah, unlike the casino in Macau which is spacious and bright, in Genting the lights are a bit dim. Even at the old casino we entered on the second day, the atmosphere was rather mystical, like entering the room that Bruce Lee entered in the movie “Enter The Dragon”.

The second day, with the guidance of the friend mentioned above, I was able to play alone. I chose machine gambling. Actually there is nothing interesting with this gambling machine. We surrender entirely to the rotation of the images on the machine. Because we only enter the value of money at stake, push the button, then the pictures appear on the screen. But, the sensation is different from playing on situs judi slot online.

If the images are arranged in a certain configuration, say there are pineapple pictures attached, or some appear, we will get victory with a certain value. But if the picture is disheveled, the address “our money runs out!”.

What happens is that the images that appear are mostly disheveled. As a result, the money of 100 Malaysian Ringgit won the first day, sold out in a short time. Out of curiosity, fill the wallet for another 100 ringgit out. That’s even GONE! Finally, with full awareness I backed away from the machine. Once again, because of mediocre money. While my friend who is an old actor was seen repeatedly removing money from his wallet! The next day he claimed that night he lost five hundred ringgit or equivalent to Rp 1.5 million!

“Casino in Genting is evil! Since it was held by his son Lim Goh Tong, it is hard for people to win here,” my friend said. Lim Goh Tong is the founder of the Genting casino.


First World Hotel Room

That night after eating porridge we returned to our room. Even without air conditioning, the rooms at The First World are very cold. We slept a little late, so we just woke up at 10:00 the next morning. The view outside the hotel room is still foggy. The window in the hotel room cannot be opened fully because there is a patent hook.

“In the past the window could be opened. But many committed suicide jumping from hotel windows. People who lost gambling!” said a friend who had been in Genting for a long time. While the view below is not covered by fog, it is very beautiful. The road snakes like a snake.

Thus a little sharing of my experience into several famous casinos in Asia. Later if there is my experience into other casinos, I will share the story here again. Just wait. Thank you.


If you want to play gambling at the casino, it may be done for the purpose of entertainment only. To be able to do that, we must have full awareness to control our desires. One of the most effective tips is carry enough money in our wallets. Never carry a debit or credit card into the casino!

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